diary of coronavirus

diary of coronavirus

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july 30

What’s happened in the few weeks since my last post? Well, spiking coronavirus cases in Arizona, Florida, and Texas… then eventually every other state, too. BLM protesters are gloriously persistent with daily protests since the video of George Floyd’s death surfaced. And one of the biggest surprises of this pandemic event, and especially the lastContinue reading “july 30”

july 9

Negative and negative test results for Jeff and me. Mixed emotions as it would be really awesome to have this behind us, but obviously avoiding potential complications or infecting somebody else are two big wins. I’m also mystified at the science here. We read about these hot spots and super spreader events like family parties,Continue reading “july 9”

july 8

Coronavirus status: Still waiting on Jeff’s results, still waiting to hear from Children’s Hospital about scheduling the kids’ test, and I got my (double nostril!) swab this morning. Is it noteworthy that I’ve felt a little hungover the last couple days? And I haven’t been partying? It’s either anxiety or coronavirus. A friend from VisaliaContinue reading “july 8”

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