mar 25

Prince Charles has the virus. We seem less surprised by who is getting it (won’t we all?) and more interested in how it will present. Colton Underwood (congratulations if you don’t know who I’m talking about), a young specimen of health, described feeling like he had 20% lung capacity. The Hanks, however, felt a little flu-y.

Homeschool update: Still wake with ambitious aspirations; still suck. Today Giles enrolled in a Master Class. Taught by a professional gambler. Toren taught himself to cook biscuits, but I forgot to remind him to set a timer. He can add “rocks” to his culinary accomplishments that taste like “ash.”

Aaagh! This piece! This woman describes her harried, quarantined life with COVID-ailing husband who woke with chills on March 12 – thirteen days ago – and is still suffering.

“It’s as if we are in a time warp, in which we have accelerated at 1½ time speed, while everyone around us remains in the present — already the past to us — and they, blissfully, unconsciously, go about their ordinary lives, experiencing the growing news, the more urgent advisories and directives, as a vast communal experience, sharing posts and memes about cabin fever, about home-schooling, about social distancing, about how hard it all is, while we’re living in our makeshift sick ward, living in what will soon be the present for more and more of them.”

We are all on this slo-mo roller coaster ride, anticipating some kind of climax. But our rides will all be different. We can’t live in fear (what a terrible existence), but cautious expectation of what’s surely coming seems appropriate. And we should take nothing for granted.

The Senate unanimously passed a $2 trillion stimulus package this morning. Hope it’s the right combo of resources and aid. I’m urgently concerned about hospital preparedness.

NPR will no longer provide live broadcasts of our crazy president because he regularly LIES with DANGEROUS consequences. How crazy is that?! We can’t listen to our president live because we can’t trust what he’s saying. I’m pretty sure we are living in a movie right now.

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