mar 30

Glass repair is an essential service! Phew. The ginormous hole in our living room window will be gone by Friday. Four short days. The glass guy was super nice and very efficient with his potentially infectious visit. How does it work when COVID-covered outsiders enter your sacred, also COVID-covered space? Well, they ask you to stay 6 feet away, they wear a mask and gloves, and they wipe down everything they touch. It felt like the right amount of cautiousness, whether our efforts made any difference or not.

The metro buses are empty. Like, zero people on the the giant, articulated buses that go by our house several times a day. I don’t envy people in leadership positions right now. I judge them, but I don’t envy them. Whoever is in change of SDOT (Seattle Dept of Transportation) has tough decisions to make about equity, economy, and the environment.

Homeschooling update: I’m considering changing gears and becoming a gamer momager. So many Fortnite solo wins from the Winter boys! It feels promising!

Jeff has a conspiracy theory enthusiast friend on Facebook and reading his posts and the comments (THE COMMENTS!! AAAAGH!!) is an exercise riddled with angst. These people believe that many reported COVID deaths in New York are lies; they say medical professionals are labeling the cause of death for anyone who dies as death by COVID-19. “I hear a grandma died of natural causes and they said it was coronavirus!”

It’s like these people are wearing blindfolds and ear plugs and singing, “LALALALALALA.”

The internet feeds are all about baking and puzzles. My favorite internet meme today was about how Bay Area folks have transformed from “gluten is poison” to “homemade sourdough will get us through.”

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