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Guess what? Remember how South Korea and the US recorded their first coronavirus case on the same day? Apparently, South Korea is gearing up for kids to return to school next week. Turns out, a coordinated national effort, grounded in science and sound leadership, AND A PRIORITY PLACED ON TESTING, is pretty effective. We’ll never know for sure (except that I’m pretty freakin’ sure), but IT DID NOT HAVE TO LOOK LIKE THIS. The loved ones lost, the shuttered small businesses people poured their souls into, retirement funds drained – IT DID NOT HAVE TO LOOK LIKE THIS. And still, people defend this buffoon in the oval office.

In other news, California recently announced that school was canceled for the remainder of the year. This was not surprising, of course, especially since their instruction ends several weeks earlier than ours. Nonetheless, we’ve been expecting that Washington will follow suit and I learned today from people in the know, this is a likely announcement.

Everybody has reasons to be sad right now, but one of my reasons is the lost baseball season for my older boys – I was SO excited to watch them play on the same team. And they were excited to play on the same team! I’m not sure that opportunity will present itself again. Seems so silly to dwell on when people are dying and lives are irrevocably changing. The Seattle Times lists celebrity “Passages” each day and the two featured today both died of COVID-19. And I know, there are more to come. This cause of death will just be… normal.

I really hope I have a funny anecdote for tomorrow.

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