apr 3

Homeschool update: One of the ‘assignments’ I give the kids each day, is to Facetime their grandparents. It’s not always accomplished, but the two younger guys are pretty consistent. This interaction is so sweet and exactly what I dreamt of pre-corona and post moving to Seattle, and away from family. It’s a tiny win.

Our high school has established an actual remote learning schedule for the older kids. Honestly, it takes a lot of pressure off of me as the enforcer. It’s way better when they are accountable to someone else.

Seattle is officially sheltering in place until May 4. That’s a lot of togetherness for a family of six. I love them all, but there is certainly no privacy. I feel like it’s one of those things where despite your personality, introvert vs extravert, quiet vs loud, you figure it out and in the end, you’ve grown an adaptability muscle that may otherwise never have developed. Maybe?

Our biggest “problem” right now is internet. It drops constantly throughout the day which is problematic for Jeff, as a full-time remote worker, but also the kids in their “distance learning” and me with my own work… and my Zoom dates with friends. I’ve got miles and miles of grace, however, these days. I’ve got nothing legitimate to complain about.

My youngest had a mini-breakdown yesterday. I know that anxiety can manifest in strange ways, but for the most part, we’ve all seemed fine. He was looking at a packet of homework – designed to last several weeks – and became overwhelmed by how big it was. He knew he only had to complete one page, about 90 seconds worth of work, but I think it was representative of his generally unsettled emotions. It’s a weird, weird time! Obvs, we hugged for a long time and ditched that dumb packet.

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