apr 4

I really hate to feel joy in the midst of so much suffering, but it happened today.

I had a glorious and socially distant run with friends through the Center for Urban Horticulture and along Lake Washington. Later, I returned to the exact same spot with Jeff, 50% of the kids, and the dog and we enjoyed a lovely walk. Took my fancy camera and felt productive. Like a real grown up. One day, I’ll get those pictures off the memory card and it will all have been worth it.

The other 50% of my kids enjoyed hours of baseball at the park down the street. Wins all around!

In the late afternoon, Jeff and I decided to catch the sunset at Discovery Park. We packed some wine and cheese and the plan unfolded even better than we imagined. The beach was practically deserted, the lighthouse glowed, we could see the Bainbridge ferry in the distance, and a cute little tug boat was making its way across the Sound. I’m pretty sure we were living in a movie. Only one kid called to complain about something (what’s for dinner?!?!) and the wine… was delicious (Beastie Boys, anyone?). Tonight was a bright spot.

COVID news: Spoke with healthcare providers today and the buzz is that our “peak” is shaping up to be around April 11. Please oh please let that be real. Supposedly, Washingtonians are executing well on the social distancing.

Social Distancing observation: We had two groups join us during our time at the beach tonight. The first was a group of 8 teenagers touching and drinking and smoking and doing teenagery things in the back of a pickup truck. Lots of COVID-sharing. After they departed, a gentleman arrived, parked his car diagonally, popped the hatch, and prepared a picnic in the back of his car with a takeout meal. Moments later, his friend arrived, dovetailed his car right up to the other car picnic, set up his own takeout situation, and they enjoyed a socially distant dinner together. They even did an air hug!! I’m not sure what we should glean from all of this. We *might* be peaking by April 11??

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