apr 5

Observation: People are wearing pants again. The sweatpants/jammies to jeans ratio is still skewed in favor of elastic waistbands, but more people are feeling empowered to get dressed at some point during their day.

Also, I sense a sort of confusion amongst us as we try to figure out the right way to feel. On the one hand, New York is experiencing a nightmare this very minute. On the other hand, Washington state is returning 400 ventilators to the national stockpile, presumably because we were preparing for the worst case scenario which we were able to mitigate with sensible and deliberate leadership. I’m not implying that New York was ill-prepared, rather that our national response sucked big time. Somebody described it as whiplash when we learn a bit of good news followed by devastating outcomes and predictions.

Per the CDC’s recent recommendation, many of us are wearing masks, but per the president’s flippant and direct contradiction to this recommendation, many people are not. In any case, I was the asshole at the grocery store today without a mask. Just didn’t occur to me! Adding mask-making to tomorrow’s homeschool agenda.

Finally, I learned today that our local nursery, Swansons, is temporarily halting all orders due to unusually high demand. This is awesome. Everybody is planting a garden! Filing that in my silver linings folder.

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