apr 11

“Ma’am, I’m gonna have to ask you to stay behind the yellow line please.”

That was directed at me yesterday while I risked my life at Costco and broke the rules at checkout. It was my first time wearing a mask, too. Despite mask-making having been listed on our (rarely accomplished) homeschool agenda a couple days ago, it never happened. So in my haste to get out the door, I opted for the bank robber-style bandana. My heavy, nervous breathing quickly created a dark, wet spot on my already inadequate and scary-looking face mask. Plus, I had to keep pulling it down to blow my nose…and breathe. It wasn’t a good look.

I read that the cruise industry will weather this catastrophe just fine and that tons of upcoming cruises are already booked. Hours later, I learned that my very own parents are among this group, having booked a June voyage. There must be something seriously magical about cruises. Otherwise, this makes no sense.

I FOUND ANTIBODY TESTS!! Hot tip from a friend. Bowen is now scheduled for a blood draw on Monday and we’ll know the results three to four days later. We chose him as our test specimen because he’s had a dry cough for four weeks. In our dream scenario, our family is among the approximately 25% of asymptomatic carriers and only Bowen presented a cough because he has asthma. I know it’s a long shot, but I really, really want to know. This information has the potential to change our lives right now.

I still haven’t deleted all the events on our calendar from pre-corona. I don’t why. They pop up daily and exacerbate my already sad state. Baseball games, doctor appointments, music shows… we were supposed see the band Moaning a couple nights ago. None of the venues or ticket platforms have reached out about refunds or reschedules or anything – and I don’t expect it, honestly. What a nightmare for them. Oh man, here I go down the rabbit hole of how long it will take for everything to get back on track. From the bands, to the bookers, to the venues, the economy and the food chain that feeds it is shot to shit. I feel like Seattle will look so different. Every city will, and it won’t be for the better.

Just so I can turn this train around, how about this: today was gorgeous. Jeff and I took a long walk, we grocery shopped together, accomplished some projects around the yard, THE KIDS HELPED, we hot tubbed, we cooked together. A non-corona Saturday would not have looked like this. Win.

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