apr 20 – apr 23

april 20

I’m having a hard time keeping track of shower days for the kids and me. Was it yesterday? Or three days ago? One kid was born hygienic, however. I don’t have to worry about that guy. And I guess Jeff does ok in this department.

april 21

Very, very anxiously awaiting Jeff’s antibody test results. Will it change anything? Probably not. Maybe? Yes? We’re dreaming of this invincible condition where we travel the country and touch everything.

Several weeks ago, a local infectious doctor wrote an op-ed about re-evaluating our strategy for closing schools. He’s a smart guy with lots of experience in highly communicable diseases and he’s arguing that perhaps we deem public education as essential, like groceries. We’ve figured out how to shop safely and protect workers, can we creatively establish something similar for schools? Maybe there is a way to have students visit their teachers once per week, individually or in small groups, taking safety measures like wearing masks and disinfecting surfaces. Maybe administrative staff can continue to conduct business at an acceptable social distance from their colleagues. This same doctor also conducted a COVID-19 Q&A with parents from his childrens’ elementary school and it’s enlightening and informative. Interesting side note: his wife is the physician who was conducting a flu study in the Seattle area when she heard about a new coronavirus abroad. She sought federal approval to transition her study and include testing for the new virus but ran into all kinds of red tape. Eventually, she went rogue, tested her specimens and identified the first case of coronavirus in Washington state. It was a patient who had not traveled anywhere. This was THE patient from February 29.

april 22

JEFF’S ANTIBODY TEST WAS NEGATIVE. Ugh. What does it mean? Well, it could be that Bowen had a false positive, it could be that Jeff had a false negative. It could be that Bowen was only very recently exposed and Jeff did not yet have any immunity response. In any case, we’re not feeling particularly optimistic that we will be among the lucky, antibody-stuffed Covid-ites. Poop.

april 23

The doctor says that this antibody test is highly sensitive – there’s only a 1-2% chance of a false positive. She recommends that Bowen retests and since we learned insurance will now cover testing, I’m tossing my blood in a vial, too.

The thing is, if Bowen’s test was accurate, it means he’s in the midst of a coronavirus. And we’re all about to get it, too. That sounds kind of sucky so I’m hoping for all negatives.

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