apr 24 – apr 26

So I’d heard the president’s press conference was particularly cringey yesterday, but hadn’t watched it until now. He suggested we inject ourselves with disinfectant.

“I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning?”

His supporters claim, as usual, his remarks were taken out of context. Of course he wasn’t serious. He says he was being sarcastic. But people (approximately 30% of unwavering loyalty) actually do listen to the president, trust the president, and expect that he has our best interest at heart (what heart?!). So much so, that Lysol felt compelled to issue a statement of clarification that under no circumstance should anyone inject or otherwise ingest disinfectant. On what planet, in what dimension, do we need companies to issue statements like that based on something the president of the United States says?

He has single-handedly dismantled everything great about our country. As individuals, we’re doing alright. So much goodness among us. But as a country, it will take decades for the United States to rebuild trust with allies, repair climate protections, resume our role as a global leader and mentor.

An NYT article today quotes an Oxford historian who likens our predicament to empires who rise and fall. “It’s a very familiar story in world history that after a certain amount of time a power declines. You accumulate problems and because you are a strong player, you can carry these dysfunctionalities for a long time. Until something happens and you can’t anymore.”

Also gleaned from this article is how the pandemic highlights our weaknesses:

  1. Trump’s erratic behavior and dangerous narcissism (“science comes naturally to me”)
  2. Our lack of a robust public healthcare system and social safety net (democrats are good for something!)

All because of this cocky, orange misogynist.

april 25

Remember the cruise my parents were excited about for this summer? The cruise company canceled the trip. Phew.

Last night we enjoyed a socially distant backyard meet up with our neighbors and it filled me up. We talked for FIVE HOURS around our new coronavirus-purchase fire pit. I don’t think any of us realized how desperately we needed that kind of connection. It’s been gloomy energy around here.

We covered many topics, but of interest for a coronavirus diary is that one of these neighbors has been deeply involved in procuring masks for Washington state healthcare workers. In the last 3 weeks, he’s accidentally become an expert in import policy and insider knowledge of the Chinese manufacturing movers and shakers. He described an insane system where Chinese manufacturers have had to create N95 knock-offs, which they call KN95 masks, to avoid confiscation by FEMA upon arrival. It’s all they can do to ensure their intended clients receive them and that they get paid for them.

This is but one example of how our trampling of international trade relations has been unproductive. He says states are basically fighting against each other for access to these masks and it’s dependent upon your good favor with the exporters.

I was incensed. So, today I read more about this debacle and found this quote from San Francisco’s mayor, London Breed.

“We’ve had issues of our orders being relocated by our suppliers in China. For example, we had isolation gowns on their way to San Francisco and they were diverted to France. We’ve had situations when things we’ve ordered that have gone through Customs were confiscated by FEMA to be diverted to other locations. 

“We know everyone is dealing with a serious challenge. Through Customs, we’ve had situations where those items have been taken and put out on the market for the highest bidder, putting cities against cities and states against states.”

What a mess. A totally unnecessary mess.

april 26

Funny people of the internet are pandemic heroes, too.

When this all went down, the fitness world freaked out for a second, but many quickly jumped on the online opportunity wagon. And for some, I think it’s been a huuuuuge success. Dance Church, for example. I’d heard about this rave-like sweat-fest, but hadn’t yet attended one in person. Well, this morning I went to Dance Church in my basement and I think I had sex.

2 thoughts on “apr 24 – apr 26

  1. Wow. I just read the NYT article. I was just feeling better and now I need to cry again. That stated it so well. Very well written reflection for us again from Seattle. Sorry I missed our happy hour but it will happen this week!!


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