may 7 – may 10

may 7

Today I ran errands with Anders. Just a mom and son wearing masks at the bank.

Our next door neighbors had a baby! Apparently, life goes on during a pandemic. When the shelter-in-place guidelines first came down, they were told that the dad would not be allowed in the hospital for the delivery – an effort to minimize vectors for healthcare workers. Welp, they revised that heartbreaking rule and dad was there for TWO DAYS of labor, poor gal, during which time, they could not leave their tiny room. So, it was a lot of pacing up and down the length of the bed. In the end, a healthy mama and baby came home. And I’ll never get to hold that sweet bundle because I’m probably covered in COVID. I guess lots of coronavirus babies won’t really have typical social experiences – playgroups, grandmas, baby-fevered next door neighbors.

If feels like the right time to evaluate your summer plans. Not everything has been cancelled yet… I know sleep away summer camps are still hoping for the best, but prepared for a shutdown. Our Little League is still holding out hope for a July/August season. We had plans for a week away with Jeff’s family in July, but his parents already decided they’re out. The vacation rental sites have adjusted their cancelation policies to be very flexible – in some cases just 24 hour notice and you’ll get your money back.

I just want to see my parents and the rest of our family and it’s very unclear when it will be the right time to do that.

So. Much. Traffic. Other than the 67% of my neighbors who now regularly wear masks, it seems business as usual.

may 8

I don’t want to be a jerk or anything, but I woke to the news that the president’s valet tested positive. And I immediately screenshotted it and sent to friends.

Our Target firepit might be the best thing to come out the pandemic. Last night we hung on the back deck with friends where the discussion included piles of needles found in the Ballard High School cafeteria, a likely squatter living in the portable at our kids’ elementary school, and a general increase in vandalism. It’s just a bit of a zombieland out there.

I heard, and have yet to verify, that three high school kids were held up on the Burke Gilman Trail near Met Market. The perpetrators took their phones and demanded their passcodes at gunpoint. In broad daylight.

may 9

It’s unusually hot in Seattle so of course everybody swarms the parks. But I really feel like in spite of the increased density, the pods of people are easily more than six feet apart. Go for it, Seattleites. Mental health rules.

I have a confession to make. When Governor Inslee announced his four phases of reopening, the first graphic had housecleaning in phase one. The second graphic posted later to his website listed housecleaning under phase two. I had to dig deep and pretend I never saw that second graphic.

housecleaning in phase 1
housecleaning in phase 2

may 10

Happy Mother’s Day! Half-assed cards from my kids really do fill my cup.

I just saw a metro bus pass with three passengers in it. That’s the most I’ve seen since shelter-in-place came down. The news and conversations seem to be about how we just need to stay the course and we’ll get through these four phases and how it’s about to get worse so buckle up. Makes perfect sense.

Also, this news story, about a woman who’s had COVID since March and STILL has fevers and other symptoms. However, she tests positive for the IgG antibody which should mean she’s recovered and her body won. So mysterious, this virus.

I don’t even want to mention this because conspiracy theories infuriate me, but for the posterity of a diary devoted to this coronavirus, I’ll just say that the Plandemic lady is crazy and dangerous and irresponsible and I hate that so many reasonable people are giving her platform even a tiny shred of consideration.

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