may 21 – may 23

may 21

Twitter already announced that workers could work from home indefinitely. Today, Facebook announced the same. Presumably, we can expect to hear more of this as companies have figured out how to make remote working productive. One clear win for companies who go this route will be cheaper operating costs, but a quick survey of two Facebook employees reveals approximately 50% of affected employees will love this idea and 50% will hate it. A dad with one self-sufficient kid gave this idea two thumbs up. A dad with a baby and toddler said this idea is abominable.

The exodus of hundreds of thousands of workers from downtown will mean lighter traffic, easier commutes, maybe even improved work/family life balance as schedules become more flexible, but man, it will transform these vital business districts. Occupancy rates will be dismal. But, I don’t know, change is good. Sometimes completely unexpected blooms rise from ashes. Right?

Last week, a friend alerted me to log into the Washington State Employment Security Department to see if my social security number had been used to file a fraudulent unemployment claim. She was in the midst of cleaning up that very situation. Within hours, I learned of seven more people experiencing the same identity theft nightmare. So, it was not surprising to read this headline today, “‘Hundreds of millions of dollars’ lost in Washington to unemployment fraud amid coronavirus joblessness surge.” Apparently the beneficiaries are operating out of Nigeria. I can barely wrap my head around that amount of money vanishing from the coffers.

may 22

Jeff and I took an urban hike through Ballard today – 13.9 miles! Boarded up business are brightened with inspiring murals: We got this, Seattle! The Future is Bright! We found sustenance along the way with pork belly from a food truck and cold beer from Reubens. It was a rainy, fun adventure that distinguished itself from every other freaking day. So that was a win.

may 23

As of today, there have been 96,582 coronavirus deaths in the United States and 340,116 globally. The number of cases rose in several states this week – states that are simultaneously reopening all kinds of businesses. It’s so confusing, Florida. What’s the thinking here?

ESPN is currently broadcasting the Cornhole Championship – live from Phoenix! Participants are wearing branded masks. Masks are the new billboard.

I just flipped to Root Sports and they are broadcasting the 2020 Platform Tennis Championship. This appears to be a sport played on somebody’s back deck where they’ve painted tennis court lines at a smaller scale. I guess it’s a legit sport, but the commentary sounds like an SNL skit.

Back in the Central California red belt, my mom is irked by all the shoppers still refusing to wear a mask. She can’t understand how they could be so selfish. But it’s pretty clear to me where these people are getting validation. It’s what’s-his-face in Washington, DC.

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