june 24

Earthquake! We just had one here in Central California and it was a very exciting bit of childhood nostalgia to share with my kids.

I went for a run this morning and because it’s a small town, I came upon a friend walking her dog – fun to catch up. She had just been to her boxing class this morning because… Visalia. Gyms are open! I’ve been to that class, and it’s the sweatiest fitness I’ve ever experienced.

A couple miles later I ran into my uncle (actually first cousin once removed). Uncle Dave and Aunt Sharon have been caring for their elderly parents – inspiring a higher degree of diligence in their efforts to stay virus-free. We mused about the many movies we’ve watched in the last several months and how boring this existence really is. Nothing to look forward to. Book clubs, and bridge groups, and Bible studies, and trips to visit the grandkids used to fill in their social calendar, but now, a trip to the grocery store is the weekly highlight.

We are all affected. The seniors in high school, the retirees in their glory years, the already marginalized populations. Everything is worse for everybody. And I wonder if it’s not just relatively worse based on where you stood in March, but exponentially worse.

Very expectedly, we’re in the midst of a mental health crisis with no end in sight.

2 thoughts on “june 24

  1. Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but now that some time has gone by and we have data to examine, doesn’t it look like pneumonia and covid-19 are just about equally deadly? From the period of 2/1/20 to 6/27/20:

    In California:
    Total Deaths (all causes): 118,979
    Deaths of Pneumonia (with or without Covid19): 10,944
    Deaths involving Covid19: 5,192

    In Washington:
    Total Deaths (all causes): 24,427
    Deaths of Pneumonia (with or without Covid19): 1,918
    Deaths involving Covid19: 1,107



    1. I mean, I guess so? The difference is that we’ve taken extreme measures to mitigate Covid spread. I imagine those numbers would look different otherwise.


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