june 25 – june 29

View of Huntington Lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

june 25

I learned today that I am two degrees from someone recently diagnosed with COVID. I mean, not to be coy, but HIPAA!  And my parents learned that two of their friends were recently diagnosed. Blerg.

Fun fact: I ghost wrote that HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) blog post.

june 26

I’m in the Sierra Nevada mountains this weekend and truly it feels like the pandemic does not exist here. It’s welcome respite and I fully acknowledge we’re not all so lucky.

june 29

There is a cough among us. For nearly two weeks my family has been quarantining with my extended family in my hometown. Because of the nature of his work, this particular family member has had to travel and work onsite. The math is easy – more exposure!

This morning, he took a Covid test at one of CVS Pharmacy’s “free” testing sites. First of all, it’s not free if you have insurance. Second, he had an appointment and still waited in the drive through line for over an hour. Finally, it was a SELF-ADMINISTERED nasal swab test. How is that even a thing? By all accounts, the coronavirus nasal swab test is very uncomfortable and practically scrubs your frontal lobe. I’m pretty sure, his self-swabbing was not in that category of discomfort.

It’s kind of exciting to have this impending news though. We’re talking about a coronavirus reveal party when he gets his results. I’m thinking a red velvet cake for positive, and plain vanilla for negative.

2 thoughts on “june 25 – june 29

  1. The nasal swabs is a relatively new test and different than the prefrontal swab you’ve heard about (called nasopharyngeal swab). I don’t know how the accuracy of this one compares to the old test. But it burns less PPE so is where things are headed.


    1. Aha. I’m behind on posting, but I have one coming up about my own nasopharyngeal swab. Good to know that’s not what was expected of the nasal swab. I’ll have to look into accuracy for that test. I’m all for saving PPE. And minimizing nasopharyngeal discomfort… er, agony!


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