july 6


But really, the process has been maddening at every step. The fact that I got a test at all was a small miracle. I was swabbed on July 1 at the local hospital in Visalia. On July 3, I called the hospital Covid line for an update and the outgoing message said they were closed for the holiday weekend. Even pandemics need some r&r!

So, today I called the hospital at 8 am sharp. The medical records office was able to confirm that my results posted on July 4 and that I should call my referring doctor for my results.

What in the world?? It’s not like it’s a highly communicable disease or anything. It’s not like there a global pandemic. Why would they feel compelled to rush results to anyone?

I called the “referring doctor” – which was actually an urgent care center – and the woman takes my information and puts me on hold. After several minutes, she comes back and says, “Yeah, you’re negative. Ok? Bye.”

I’m not really sure how helpful my little data point will be in this infectious mess.

The scraps of our Little League season kicked off tonight. The kids brought their own gear, wore masks, and minded their distance. I got emotional watching these boys try to recreate some normalcy. In a non-coronavirus year, we’d be in the middle of the All Star tournament. Instead, Anders hasn’t even thrown a ball in months.

It was awesome, but also kind of a tease.

What a trip. This is the craziest year.

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