july 8

Coronavirus status: Still waiting on Jeff’s results, still waiting to hear from Children’s Hospital about scheduling the kids’ test, and I got my (double nostril!) swab this morning.

Is it noteworthy that I’ve felt a little hungover the last couple days? And I haven’t been partying? It’s either anxiety or coronavirus.

A friend from Visalia revealed a few days ago that her husband had been suffering from Covid for 8 days. This morning she posted that he’s been admitted to the hospital, but is not yet needing a ventilator. !!!! This virus is so mysterious. Why does it ravage some and (possibly) leave others feeling mildly hungover? Yes, I just made the leap that I have the ‘rona.

Fun facts from the Seattle Children’s Hospital website:

  • Incubation period: average 5 days (range 2 to 14 days) after coming in contact with the secretions of a person who has COVID-19.
  • No Symptoms, but Infected: over 20% of infected patients have no symptoms.
  • Mild Infections: 80% of those with symptoms have a mild illness, much like normal flu or a bad cold. The symptoms usually last 2 weeks.
  • Severe Infections: 20% of those with symptoms develop trouble breathing from viral pneumonia. Many of these need to be admitted to the hospital. People with complications generally recover in 3 to 6 weeks.

Pros and cons of having Covid-19


  • Unscientifically proven immunity and superpower-type confidence to move about the world
  • Reduced anxiety about if/when/how we might contract it or accidentally spread it
  • Discover Instacart and change your life


  • We might become very sick and/or die
  • We have to legit quarantine for 14 days. Like, not leave our house at all. Not go for runs or bike rides or walks. Poor doggy!
  • We are out of wine and wine delivery services are not cheap. I ordered a bunch anyway.
  • The kids miss the opportunity to finally see and engage with friends – socially distant sports were just getting started!

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