july 9

Negative and negative test results for Jeff and me.

Mixed emotions as it would be really awesome to have this behind us, but obviously avoiding potential complications or infecting somebody else are two big wins.

I’m also mystified at the science here. We read about these hot spots and super spreader events like family parties, where the virus spreads like lice at daycare. And here we spent nearly three weeks with a Covid-positive vector – hugging, sharing bathrooms, riding in cars, riding in boats, golfing, preparing meals, dining out – and we still couldn’t catch his coronavirus. Even his son, with whom he works, tested negative.

[Btw, “lice at daycare” is interchangeable with diarrhea, hand/foot/mouth disease, fever, and pink eye.]

What’s the deal?

And finally, I’ve got to hand it to Tulare County Public Health’s award-winning ineptitude in combatting this virus.

My Covid positive relative received a letter today, July 9, from this overwhelmed agency. It advised that he had tested positive for the coronavirus on June 30 so it is imperative that he quarantine until midnight on July 9.

I suppose this kind of testing and tracing strategy helps explain the Tulare County daily case count graph.

Source: LA Times, accessed 7/12/20 https://www.latimes.com/projects/california-coronavirus-cases-tracking-outbreak/tulare-county/

Taking nine days to process Covid-19 test results is not going to work here.

4 thoughts on “july 9

  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day…but it did burn down in 6. Didn’t you get your TUlare County results in 48 hours?


    1. I got tested on a Wednesday and got my results on Monday. When I was able to log into my medical record (they sent me a link to do so on Monday), I noticed the test results were available as of Saturday morning, but it’s another failure of the system, I guess. I don’t know who is responsible for communicating that to me – either KD or the referring clinic (Immediate Care). The Kaweah Delta Covid testing site’s outgoing message said they were out for the holiday weekend so there was no one to follow up with. I can’t imagine being the person or people responsible for all of this – there are many factors outside their control – like lab capacity! But it’s ineffective virus management to provide test results 9 days after testing. Period.


    1. that site looks awesome!! we rented a cabin with jeff’s family this weekend… of course, these plans were made 8 months ago and have been nearly canceled many times. so we’ll see….


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