july 30

What’s happened in the few weeks since my last post? Well, spiking coronavirus cases in Arizona, Florida, and Texas… then eventually every other state, too.

BLM protesters are gloriously persistent with daily protests since the video of George Floyd’s death surfaced.

And one of the biggest surprises of this pandemic event, and especially the last several weeks, is how many of my friends have revealed themselves to be conspiracy theorists. Even my best friend, Madonna, shared a video on Instagram this week claiming a vaccine has been found and rich people are withholding it.

Sidenote: Instagram flagged her post as “False Information” and provided a link to accurate information. It’s brilliant and overdue that social media platforms are taking more responsibility for dangerous content. So Bravo Twitter, and pick up the pace, Facebook.

Other friends have shared and promoted some real gems, too. Like, the real reason numbers are spiking in Arizona is because helicopters are flying in patients from Mexico. Her pilot-for-hire friend has personally flown in 38 of these data-bending illegals.

And did you know that Ellen DeGeneres and Tom Hanks are involved with child sex trafficking? Yes, and somehow Donald Trump is the hero who will save these kids.

Bill Gates invented this virus, shipped it to China, and secretly made a vaccine ahead of time so that he could make millions.

And then there are endless disinformation campaigns about the origin of the virus (the U.S. Military!) and the evil objectives of its mastermind (take over the world!). It’s straight up propaganda designed to sow discontent. Just this week, we learned that Russia and China are behind many of them. We are so easy and predictable.

It’s just mystifying how many seemingly rational people passionately embrace these baseless ideas. Shocking. And utterly terrifying when I think about the upcoming election.

Anywhosies, welcome back to my blog!

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