may 26 – may 28

may 26 Coronavirus complaint: Our local parks have a rule that nobody shall engage in any activity involving a ball. The thinking is that it encourages a pick-up game which has the potential to violate social distancing guidelines. Sheesh. These arbitrary, well-intentioned-but-ill-considered rules drive me crazy. How about a family of six quarantining together? CanContinue reading “may 26 – may 28”

may 21 – may 23

may 21 Twitter already announced that workers could work from home indefinitely. Today, Facebook announced the same. Presumably, we can expect to hear more of this as companies have figured out how to make remote working productive. One clear win for companies who go this route will be cheaper operating costs, but a quick surveyContinue reading “may 21 – may 23”

may 14 – may 17

may 14 Coronavirus confession: Last week I lost my resolve and allowed my 14-year son to go play spikeball with friends. Of course we peppered him with rules about social distancing and just generally trying to avoid spitting on his friends and receiving spit from his friends. And a complete decontamination would be required whenContinue reading “may 14 – may 17”

may 3 – may 6

may 3 Last night, Jeff and I walked from our house to downtown, then to the Olympic Sculpture Park. It was a looooooong and glorious walk in sort of schizophrenic weather which made for a dramatic sunset. I was curious about downtown… to feel what it’s like in that deserted landscape. And my suspicions wereContinue reading “may 3 – may 6”